Artist Profile | Helen Poremba Textile Art & Sewing Classes

Hello, welcome to my website. If you love nature and like sewing, I hope you'll find plenty here to inspire you.

I am a textile artist, living and working from my home in the Northumbrian village of Felton. My artwork is based on botanical subjects. My designs are all informed by the shapes, patterns and colours of flowers and foliage.

I love where I live, it is a great place from which to explore; on foot, by bike and by car. Felton is situated only a few miles from the coast and from the hills. The surrounding hedgerows, riversides, woodlands and gardens are a constant source of inspiration to me. 

As far back as I can remember I have always loved to make; to draw, paint, cut, stick, sew. Just creating, anything, in any way. My current practice involves all of these. The main techniques that I use in my finished pieces are appliqué and machine embroidery, but all of my work is underpinned by carefully studied drawings, and the consideration of colour and placement of every element in each design. 

I get great enjoyment out of each stage of the process, and I love to be able to share a sense of this with others. I do this by running workshops, where I can plan a session to suit each individual or group, whatever their starting point is. I also love to do commissions where I will work with the client, adapting a design, to create their own bespoke piece. 

Have a look around......